Welcome to the website of the “Belgian Defence Rainbow Community (BELDEFRAC), the association from and for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) members of the Belgian Defence.

The Defence Rainbow Community is an independent association that:

  • wants to attend to the interests of the LGBTQI personnel in our organization;
  • is at the service of Defence and its personnel in situations that are LGBTQI-related;
  • works on the topics/subjects of sexual orientation and transgender through sensitization, education, expertise and support.

The Belgian Defence Rainbow Community is neither a lobby nor a pressure group. Its aim is to be a partner for the organization and its personnel.

Through a positive cooperation, Defence can contact the Belgian Defence Rainbow Community for expertise and advice. Defence can also rely upon us to have a critical look on the organization. This will allow the identification of subtle mechanisms such as seeming tolerance, modern homonegativity and heteronormativity that (can) impede the internal policies and the operational readiness of Defence. The Belgian Defence Rainbow Community wants to support Defence in its actions to fight those mechanisms.

Our association is not qualified to treat complaints about homo- or transphobic behavior at work. We want to be available to listen, but we will always refer the complainant to a person of trust or to the Internal Complaintsmanager of Defence.